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2024 Rates


Popular walleye techniques on Lake Erie include trolling, drifting and casting, and jigging. Time of year influences which technique is most effective.


1-4 passengers

-4 Hours 500$

-6 Hours  600$


5 Passengers

-4 Hours 600$

-6 Hours 700

Minimum size: 15"

Daily Limit: 6 walleye per angler


Steelhead lurk in the deep cool waters of the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie during the summer months then migrate to the shorelines of Cleveland and up the rivers to their spawning grounds. This migration generally begins at the end of Aug/beginning of Sept. and really heats up in October. 

-4 Hours 600$

-6 hours  700$

Minimum size: 12"

Daily Limit: May 16 - Aug. 31 (5)

                     Sep. 1 - May 15 (2)

Yellow Perch- Not available at this time. The perch fishing is terrible right now

Yellow perch are the preferred table fare of the three species we target and can be a blast to catch once on a feeding school of them. These panfish commonly school within a few feet of the lake bottom in 30-60' of water depending on the time of year. The best way to target perch is by anchoring and dropping down a couple minnows on a perch spreader or crappie rig.  Feel free to bring along your favorite rod if you'd like!

Minimum size 8"

Daily limit (30)

The captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to inclement weather. In the event of bad weather another date can be reserved. Alcohol is allowed on the boat but if excessive consumption leads to unsafe behavior the captain reserves the right to end the charter with no refund. Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on our vessel.

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